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Education relating to migrants and refugees



Maja Nenadovic  


Martha Montero-Sieburth


Noemi Mena Montes


Please send proposals to Maja Nenadovic


This strand focuses on both education about migration and migrants, and education for migrants in the receiving countries.

We invite papers that focus on the educational backgrounds of migrants before migrating to a new country, their access and adjustment to the educational demands in the receiving country, their educational achievement over time compared to their country counterparts, and the value that education plays in their future endeavors.

Of particular importance is how migrants are integrated (integration seen as a two-way process) into schools, the language expectations they must meet, the curriculum they are exposed to, the support they receive from teachers and their parents, the peer networks they develop, and the educational attainment they achieve.

This strand also invites papers that explore approaches, good practices, formal education or non-formal education (civil society) projects that seek to sensitize mainstream population about migration, integration of migrants into receiving countries, dangers of xenophobia and its various facets.


For each of these strands, we are accepting proposals in the following categories:

  • Papers on concluded or ongoing research in intercultural education and related fields
  • Theoretical papers
  • Posters, particularly on intercultural educational experiences and/or pilot-projects
  • Book and audio/video presentations, particularly on didactical material relating to intercultural education and related fields
  • Art objects, theater and circus performances, films, etc.
  • Inspiring short workshops
  • Adaptive e-learning tools

For each of these categories, we are currently asking for abstracts, which should be sent to the respective strand chairs (see above).


  • The abstract should be between 200 and 400 words in length
  • Abstracts are to be submitted in English
  • The abstract has to specify the name, institutional affiliation and email address of the author(s) as well as the strand to which it is submitted.
  • Please specify also the equipment required for your presentation (PC, beamer, DVD player, Internet access, etc.).
Finally, you are asked to express your commitment to submit a complete version of your presentation once your abstract has been accepted


All abstracts should be sent by Sept. 1, 2019 directly to the Strand Chair(s). Also indicate a preference of day you would like to present.

We cannot guarantee that your presentation can happen on that day., but we will try our best.
Note that the presentations will take place within blocks of 90 minutes. We will attempt to keep the number of presentations to 4 per block, or less. This implies 15 minute presentations plus Q and A. Some strands will utilize a more dynamic World Cafe format at certain times, which will allow for longer presentations. This is at the discretion of the strand chairs.
Also note that we can accept  a maximum of 3 authors per paper and that one of those three authors has to attend the conference. If there are more than 3 authors, two authors need to attend and pay conference fees.


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