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Venue and getting there

Piet Mondriaanstraat 140, Amsterdam

The Venue

The Venue for the Conference is the school building of Denise in Amsterdam,

located on the Piet Mondriaanstraat 140 in Amsterdam. 

The new building, to be completed in May 2019,  in the neighbourhood Overtoomse Veld.

The Neighborhood



The neighbourhood, just outside the center of Amsterdam has about 13,000 inhabitants. 

The neighbourhood is presently very diverse. According to 2018 data :

Non-migrant in recent history


Migrant Background Western


Migrant Background Non-Western


Some 37% of migrants in the neighbourhood have Moroccan heritage.

The neighbourhood is changing rapidly and there are some concerns about the impact of gentrification.

There are multiple restaurants and places to eat, and more appearing every year.


Getting there

Getting to Amsterdam: Amsterdam is a travel hub and one of the busiest airports in the world.

Especially KLM/Delta/Air France use Amsterdam Schiphol Airport as a hub.

There are direct trains to the center of Amsterdam that run regularly (about 20 minutes). 

Public transport in Amsterdam is safe, excellent and efficient, though sometimes complicated for visitors.

Especially the concept of traveling with an OV-Chip card will be novel to most.

Here is more info:


Getting to the venue

The best way to get to the venue on the Piet Mondriaanstraat is to take the Metro to the Piet Mondriaanstraat and walk.

The Amsterdam Metro is not so extensive as to confuse people, unlike New York, London, Paris or Tokyo.

There are only a few lines and they operate regularly:

Because of the proximity to the metro, participants can also choose hotels further from

the venue and closer to the downtown area, though lodging in the center can be very expensive.

We list some lodging options on our ‘Lodging’ page.



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